Bio: Food Not Bombs is not charity, it is a form of solidarity or mutual aid. Rather than providing temporary assistance based on abstract moral grounds, FNB Pilsen is made up of regular folks from the neighborhood of Pilsen who are outraged at the racism, class division, and violence produced by state power and global capitalism. Thus, rather than moral concern for those we see as lower or more destitute than ourselves, as charity does, we seek to provide some relief from the brutalities of austerity to people just like us, on the receiving end of neoliberal profiteering and state repression, while supporting those as they resist these brutalities. Food Not Bombs is a political group that exists to commit acts of mutual aid in order to promote revolutionary goals and practices. From each according to their abilities to each according to their need! As our name clearly points out, we are an anti-militarism organization. That is to say, not only do we oppose specific conflicts of State violence, we oppose the penetration of every day social life by military power. This includes private security corporations, state or state-sponsored domestic surveillance, all law enforcement agencies which naturally mimic the tactics and strategies of militaries, and the seemingly infinite flow of spectacles glorifying military power from television press conferences to blockbuster cinema. Beyond being anti-war, we desire a world where, "peace," is not a synonym for invisible violence but refers to society in which economic exploitation and political apartheid are abolished. We are a decentralized, consensus-ruled group. In other words, anyone who helps in Food Not Bombs Pilsen has an equal say, organized by participatory democracy. There is no formal hierarchy by which we are governed and we embrace many view points devoted to the broad goals for radical justice we outlined above. If you would like to join us all are invited. Solidarity, Food Not Bombs Pilsen To contact us, check out the following pages: -fnbpilsen@googlegroups.com -Pilsen Food Not Bombs!/Comida No Bombas Pilsen ! on Facebook We serve food every Sunday at 1:30 PM at the intersection of Blue Island, Loomis and 18th Street.

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