Construction Begins On The Community Garden Project

Construct is underway on the community garden project.

Join us this weekend for garden bed building & banner making.  More info:



Community Garden Project Funded!

YOU DID IT! We reached our goal in no time thanks to your generous donations. The amazing show of support has made us wonder if we should continue our fundraising & expand our project. We thought we’d let YOU decide.

Every additional $200 means another garden bed can be installed in our safe spaces. In turn this means more fresh food at our weekly food shares!

So what’d ya say, wanna go BIG?

Learn more/donate to the Food Not Bombs Pilsen Community Garden Project:


We had another great food serve today, join us next week at 18th & Blue Island at 1:30pm! We also have a fundraiser for the community garden project this friday, you can find more info about that event here.d32ffa76b85c11e38ded120785fa0495_8

Community Garden Project


In a world overrun by capitalist ideology and militarized states, human suffering is the law of the land.  Nowhere is this suffering easier to see than in the systemic hunger and starvation created by capitalist society. Food Not Bombs Pilsen has worked for two years to provide healthy, delicious, free meals to our community to encourage acts of mutual aid and collective resistance to the wage-labor economy.  In order to expand our work, we will be building four new raised garden beds for the upcoming growing season.

Three of the beds will be on ‘safe’ lots, to ensure an abundant harvest and plenty of good food for the community.  The fourth bed will involve a reclamation of local land that has been neglected and unused. We will develop a vibrant community garden with the hopes of bringing the community together to provide for themselves collectively,  producing food together in our own neighborhood without the oppressions of wage-work, bosses and private property.

In order to realize this vision, Food Not Bombs Pilsen is asking for community support.  Please consider making a donation that will assist with the acquisition of supplies for building and fielding gardens (i.e. seeds, lumber, soil) grading supplies, and outreach materials such as flyers and pamphlets.  Your support is both necessary and appreciated, and with your help we at Food Not Bombs Pilsen will carry on with the work of providing community meals and resisting capitalism. Your contribution will materially support the movement to abolish the current state of things, one revolutionary garden at a time.